realign and restore yourself in the heart of London.

As a holistic movement teacher I will facilitate your journey to connect your mind, body and spirit to find a sense of calm and strength. I am focused and helping you build a life that will help support and nourish you to thrive.

Everyone is unique and has different likes and needs. I work from a wide range of tools and approaches to make your journey comfortable but challenging. We may begin from your physical movement ease, strength and flexibility or enter from the mind , meditation and relaxation.ย  I blend and adapt from a range of schools and techniquesย  to help guide you to fulfill your potential. It doesn’t matter where your starting point is you can begin and flourish at your own pace.

Even within group classes, all levels are catered to and each individual can control how far they wish to take their practice on any given day. I believe listening to your body is the key to progressing in a practice and preventing injury. and flow in life I will help you to start tuning in and learning the nature of your body, mind and spirit likes,

Warmest wishes,







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